Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Andrea Whitfield, a teacher, author, and consultant, has a deep concern for developing a positive image in students. She created a "Behavior Chart" that utilizes behavior modification techniques which are designed to help teachers and parents increase acceptable behavior while at the same time decrease unacceptable behavior.

Restoring Respectable Classroom Behavior: Classroom Management is the number one problem in the educational arena today.

Also, because of her regard to students developing into productive citizens of society by learning good virtues, she utilizes and introduces Character Education traits, such as, trustworthiness and responsibility. This will help teachers and parents create positive influences that will instill in youth, a sense of belonging and a belief that they are loved and valued.

That is the reason why her book also includes: Bring It All Together: Merging Character Education with the Home, School, and Community.

The 7 E's of Teaching Character Education Traits are definitely introduce as well. In addition, finding and restoring Parental Control is a major issue with parents. Helpful Strategies for Parents Raising Kids are valuable tips. Five Basics of Parenting plus Key Messages are provided. Feel free to view excerpts of her book at:

To top it off, Ms. Whitfield is an awesome Workshop Consultant. She is a number one "sort after" Presenter. After attending her high-powered workshops, teachers and parents will be inspired, motivated and feeling in charge to do what they do best, TEACH! And RAISE THEIR CHILD!

You are urged to take advantage of what Andrea Whitfield has to offer. This is a great opportunity to contribute in helping your home, school, and community, in a positive way. Buy her book today, as well as, schedule a workshop!

I will advise you to get in touch with her immediately for:

A. Professional Development Workshops
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E. Personal Concerns

Please contact me for news on upcoming book signings and speaking engagements!

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Keynote Speaker,JCCEO,April 10,2014,The Year of the Young Child

Emily said...

You are a great author and teacher.

Emily said...

I love your book, Felicia Fights Fat with Phone Fitness.

Michael said...

I congratulate you for being an awesome person.Hats Off to being a Presenter at the National Head start Association, at Long Beach, California

Ms. Fields said...

Wow, I saw you perform a praise dance as an Angel. You were so graceful.

Amber said...

Ms. Whitfield recited her poem, What Do You Do, at a Dr. King Program. It was very motivational. My Mom is the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Whitfield, I received awesome advice and tips at your workshop for Kindergarten teachers at Parker High School. Thanks!